Gentoo Linux?? Not any time soon…

Ha, being the naive Linux noob that I am, I tried installing Gentoo Linux 2006.0 today. Let me tell you, this is a distro not meant for noobs (or not-as-experienced-users)! I should have know… Anyways, as soon as I got to the installer, I was already confused by the options which I really had no clue about. So, I clicked around, applied what I already knew, and… well, after thinking for a little bit, I thought that if the installer was already so confusing to me, I really shouldn't install the whole OS. So, I retreated (for the better I suppose) and now I am back in my trusted SuSE 10.0 environment. I guess I will just learn as much as I can about Linux through SuSE, and then move on to install a more complicated distro of Linux on my other hard drive. Oh well, just a little set-back for now, but also an opportunity that forces me to learn more about Linux. Still, from what I hear, Gentoo is an EXCELLENT Linux distro, used and loved by many, so don't let my little post here scare you off. : )


One Response to Gentoo Linux?? Not any time soon…

  1. randomthings says:

    Gentoo anyone?…

    Gentoo is not for the “new to linux” person looking for a working distro right out of the box. If, and I mean IF, you have a lot of patents and want to really learn Linux, Gentoo can be an exceptional distro for you. It is highly configur…

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